Principal Investigator

Donald Holzschu

Ultrapure Research Scientist

Don “The Old Guy” does ultra pure research and brings the wisdom and wizardry of the ancients to the lab including tales of mouth pipetting and recording DNA sequences on papyrus, in dragon’s blood no less.

Richard Wiemels

Lab manager

Rebecca Keogh

PhD student

Rachel Zapf

​PhD student

Caleb Burke
​HTC Undergraduate student

I am interested in the way bacteria work together as a group and the cell signals they use to communicate. Outside the lab I like to build and race drones and exercise. I hope to go on to graduate school for a PhD in cellular biology after my undergraduate.

Kellie King

Undergraduate student

Nikki Meyer

Undergraduate student

Cell culture waits for NO ONE!!!

Andy Caillet

Undergraduate student

Ashley Chong

​Undergraduate student

​​Squirrelly McJenkins

Lab Mascot and former NBA superstar


Meow.. Meow meow, meow.. hiss.



Former members:

​Kayla Howell

Samantha Selhorst

Stephanie Cech

Lexi Degenhard

​Tyler Bender


​Carroll Laboratory

Department of Biological Sciences

Ohio University

​Carroll Laboratory